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“From the first moments of speaking with Cody, I knew I made a good decision in seeking his services. I quickly saw a new and vastly improved blog site.”

-David Cranford
Pastor, FBC Ponchatoula

Do you have an important message to share with others?

There is a better way to get your voice out and share your message online.

Help us understand the results you're looking for—We’ll help you understand how to get there.

We have a simple process to get your project moving forward:

1) Schedule an appointment.
2) Allow us to create a customized plan for you.
3) Let’s execute the plan together.

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We’ll help you grow an audience through:
-Email/Web Design
-Facebook Pages/Groups

Get your readers to sit up and pay attention:
Writers Write: The 5-Day Challenge

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Do You Have a #1 Goal?

The World’s Most Successful People Have This in Common—
They know how to identify a single focal point to guide their efforts. They work toward that #1 Goal with consistency rather than being sidetracked.

Would you like help identifying your own #1 Goal related to your project or business? We've designed a tool to help you do just that.

The #1 Goal Self-Evaluation will help you quickly create a well-stated goal. (And put method in place for using it.)

The exercise is free, and it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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We offer instruction, support, and accountability to move your project forward.

If you are looking for in-depth, personalized guidance, this could be a good fit.

Personal Coaching Program

This program provides 90 days of one-on-one coaching, mentorship, and accountability. We will work with you to grow your audience—and increase your bottom line.

The plan includes:

Your Custom Roadmap for the next 90 days. We will take an in-depth look at your project and your goals for it, then deliver a tailor-made plan.

Twice-Monthly Coaching Calls (at least 30 minutes, and longer as needed) in order to define and implement the best growth path for you. Coaching is done by phone or Skype. Replay recordings are delivered each week.

Accountability For Your Goals via email each week, including weekly assignments and check-ins. Each week after our coaching call you will receive a written set of high-leverage action items based specifically on the progress you’ve made so far.

Receive all the above (Your Custom Roadmap, Coaching Calls, and Accountability), and find out what you can accomplish with 90 days of clear, focused action.

To meet a personal coach and receive a free initial strategy session, click below. We will get back to you soon:


We offer consulting and implementation services for online projects, including:

-Email/Web Design
-Social Media

For all applicants our first step is to work together to create a Custom Roadmap.

Custom Roadmap

Email/Web Design—Writing/Editing
Social Media—Podcast/Video

We will work with you to identify your project goal.

Then we will design a plan to achieve that goal in the timeframe, delivered to you as a Custom Roadmap showing each step and what is involved.

With your Custom Roadmap—and the delivered system that comes with it—you can opt either to "take the keys" or to engage our help with a "done-for-you" service.

Help us understand the results you're looking for. We will help you understand the steps to get there.

To apply, click below. We will get back to you soon:

Past Work

Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business.

Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

“From the first moments of speaking with Cody, I knew I made a good decision in seeking his services. I quickly saw a new and vastly improved blog site.”

-David Cranford

“Cody was incredibly helpful to me during our in-depth consultation for my site, and I came away with a long list of actionable steps that made it better right away.  But even more than that, Cody helped me think about my long-term goals, and how my next steps could get me there. If you have a blog or podcast - or are thinking about it - you should definitely consider working with Cody!”

-Bryan Stoudt
Family Counselor

“I’ve been working with Cody’s system for a few months and can attest that the urge to create surges forward when real connections with real people are fostered. Thank you Cody for pointing the way!”

-Will Schmit

“I gained another level of critical thinking as I was writing. Now I have 17 people who have agreed to look at my work at least once a month. I have several more writing techniques and habits that I’ve developed from your feedback.”

-Tony Peterson
History Teacher

“If you are looking for a consultant in marketing ideas and networking with affinity groups, I can heartily recommend Cody Libolt. He is really good at his work.”

-Dr. Jerry Corbaley
Pastor, Missionary, Author, and Educator

Some people we’ve worked with:
David Cranford
Schmit Books
Jeremy Montoya
Bryan Stoudt
B. Nathaniel Sullivan

More of our own work:
For the New Christian Intellectual
FTNCI Medium Publication
FTNCI Podcast
FTNCI Patreon
FTNCI YouTube Channel

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